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Shenzhen Meilejoy Co.,Limited

Shenzhen Meilejoy Co.,Limited is a professional electronic components supplier and distributor. We are committed to supply a whole series of IC , Module , RF , Capacitor , Resistor , Diode ,LED and switch to meet the enlarged demands of chip electronic components for global high-tech electronic industry. We have hundreds of famous brands, such as DC/DC power module series made in American VICOR、 ASTEC、LUCENT 、TYCO 、Japanese LAMBDA 、COSEL 、TDK, and which also offers GTR 、IGBT 、IPM 、PIM 、Thyristor 、Fast Recovery Diode, Rectifier made in MITSUBISHI 、SANREX 、SANKEN 、FUJI 、TOSHIBA 、 SIEMENS 、SEMIKRON 、MOTOROLA 、IR 、EUPEC,IXYS , AMD 、INTEL 、NEC 、SHARP 、MOT 、ON 、ST 、NS 、PHILIPS 、AD 、DALLAS 、SAMSUNG 、ATMEL 、FSC 、MAX 、EPSON 、IBM、HP and so on . Our products are used in diverse market segments: PCs, Communication Equipments & Networking, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Industrial and Military applications ect .

Our company connects with the manufacturer directly with the advantage competitive price and short lead-time. All parts are brand-new and original packaging. With high quality, reasonable price, punctual delivery time and professional services, we get good reputation from our customers. All of our products have been exported to America, Europe, South America, Middle East and Southeast, Asia for many years. Choosing excellent quality and service, choosing the best prices, choosing us.. We sincerely hope to have good business cooperation with you from all over the world.

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